Nowadays, wireless internet connection is just like electricity. We can’t see electricity but takes lot’s of work from it. Its importance gets noticed when we don’t have it. Same is the matter with Wireless internet. It keeps our most of the devices on working. When they don’t receive enough signals they stop working or work sluggishly. One of the best ways to make your devices or router work is to fix it. We going to introduce Wireless router common issues, which you might have faced or may face in the future. We will take an example of Netgear router and issues related to it such as Routerlogin.  Know the reasons, why router suddenly stops working & what are the alternatives for it. So, go through the entire blog & keep handy your question & queries that want to ask from our experts.

Common Netgear Wireless Router Issues

Why there is Slow Internet Speed in Specific Rooms?

  •    Try to move your Netgear router, because Wi-Fi is a radio wave. Your router broadcast Wi-Fi to all direction from a central spot. In case, you place your router far from your house or move more into the outer world. This will weaken Wi-Fi signals & your devices will stop working. So, as per expert’s experts, it is recommended to locate your router in a center. In this way, your entire home devices will get adequate Wi-Fi signals & start working once again.
  •    Your Router antennas also need to be positioned correctly. First, adjust your antennas to fully horizontal positions & fully vertical can help signals to reach in all direction.

Your Specific Device Can’t Connect to the Network

  •    This problem is common & can fix by few simple steps.
  •    First, access your router user interface. Next, do Routerlogin & delete your present network from saved networks list in your device. After this, you can re-connect your device.
  •    Turn off Wi-Fi on your device & then reconnect it. Along with this, you can also try unplugging modem & then plug it back between 30 seconds.
  •    If above mention steps don’t work then, Try to reboot your device.

Network Is Connected Still, There Is No Internet Access

  •    First, reset your modem, but make sure you plug it out and then plug it back. If it doesn’t help then, now reset your router in the same way, just suppose it is a detached device.
  •    Use Ethernet cord to connect your router, if this tip works, it means your router had an issue. You need to reset your router. In case, there is still no internet, contact your ISP because there is an outage.

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