We always make sure to work under the privacy policy guide lines we have made. All the privacy policy guidelines are made to benefit our clients so that they can feel secure while sharing their router information to us.

What kind of Information we Secure Under the Privacy Policy

Netgear always work for the client’s satisfaction with the products they are using from our company. To make sure that they are receiving the trouble free access for the Netgear devices, we also provide the distance login or the remote login. Using the remote login process, we actually access the router of our clients from the remote locations and resolve their issues. During the remote login process, we required certain kind of information from our clients that is discussed below.


Cookies are used to collect the information from your computer and that information is saved under our hard drive. We always make sure not to pass that computer information to any third party besides our own technical team.

Contact Information

During the remote access process, we also required the personal contact information like contact number, email address and Skye ID. We never pass that contact information to anyone else.    

Login Information

We may also require the login information for your personal computer. We can help you to resolve the issues only after the successful login and we never misuse that login information and we never pass that information to any third party.
In that way, you computer and your home network is fully secured. You can contact our team members and can share the required information without any kind of security issues.