We all love to play online games on our computers. No matter whether you are young or old, you surely play games whenever you get time. To play online games requires good internet speed. One can only enjoy games when there is no interruption in between the games. So, have you ever thought how these game servers get hosted? Well, port forwarding is a method by which your computer gets access to the network. No matter, whether you are behind a router.

Port forwarding is our today’s topic for discussion & important part of networking as well. It helps in peer to peer downloading & voice over IP Kind applications. Alternatively, port triggering is port a forwarding that comes with an on/off switch for the ports which has been forwarded. This particular switch gets on/off by the data flow outside the trigger port. So, for now, let’s learn how to configure Port Triggering by www.routerlogin.com.

Steps to Configure Port Triggering

  •    Launch a web browser & type in browser address bar http://www.routerlogin.com or In case, these addresses do not work, try entering into browser address bar.
  •    Enter login credential in next popup window. Fill Admin as a Username & Password as password & press Ok.
  •    Make a selection of Advanced then Port Triggering.

  •    Enter 20 in Timeout field under Port Triggering.

  •    Tick on Add Service.
  •    Under the service section, spell out the Information of outbound packets. It will activate the port triggered service.
  •    Coming to Service Name Field, enter any exclusive name, for example, VPN or Mail.
  •    Under Service User drop-down list, select whichever you wish. Only if your computer in the network is capable of using port triggered service. Permit single computer in the network, spell out the IP address of the computer.
  •    Pick Service Type, & define outbound packet’s Trigger Port. It will activate port triggered service e.g. 25 & TCP.

Required Inbound Connection Section

  •    In Required Inbound Connection Section define inbound packets detail which will late forward to the triggered computer.
  •    Make a selection for Connection Type of inbound packets such as TCP.
  •    Now enter into starting & Ending port field, the series of the targeted ports of the inbound packets. Later it will get forwarded. In case, there is a need of single port then enter an equal value in both the fields.
  •    In the end, Click on apply.

We hope above-mentioned steps will benefit you. In a case of query regarding port Triggering or Unable to access www.routerlogin.com, feel free to contact our team. We have an active expert team, working day & night for router users. You can contact the team on toll-free number 24/7. There is also an option of Live Chat support that gives live interaction with the team. You can also share your comment & give feedback to the team regarding services & your queries. The team will revert back to you in no time in response to your comments dropped in the comment box.